Earning Achievements

The Rome RebornĀ® Community features a system of achievements, whereby your involvment with the community and demonstration of knowledge on ancient Rome may be recognized and rewarded.

How are achievements earned?

Achievements are earned through using the Rome RebornĀ® Community website. For example, commenting on the Forums or taking Assessments.

What achievements can I earn?

A complete list of the achievements, both those you have earned and are yet to earn, is viewable on your user page under the "Achievements" tab. 

What is my ranking and how is it calculated?

Each achievement has an associated point value. Users are ranked according to the total number of points they have earned from their achievements. At the Leaderboard, you may view your overall ranking as well as your ranking relative to the users closest to you in points earned.

What if I don't want to participate in the achievement and ranking system?

Your participation is completely voluntary. To opt out, visit your user page, choose the "Edit" tab, and finally check the box labeled "I DO NOT wish to participate in or unlock achievements."