For Educators

The Rome Reborn® Community allows for the creation of additional content by members of the community with additional educator privileges. Educators may create private courses and manage the content of these courses, as well as other users' enrollment in the courses.

Rome Reborn® Community is not meant to be a rigorous and controlled testing instrument. Rather, it may be used as a resource for practice and engagement purposes. If an educator does desire to use it as a testing instrument, direct student supervision is recommended to mitigate misuse of the service.

How can I create my own course?

To create educational content you must have the "student manager" permissions. To obtain "student manager" permissions, fill out the request form at the bottom of this page. Note that only registered users may make such a request. To register or login, click here.

Once I've gained an educator account, how do I use it?

Rome Reborn® Community is built using the Opigno LMS. You may view the documentation on Opigno at, which includes information on creating courses and the types of content that courses may contain.

Rome Reborn® Community has several terms that differ from the standard Opigno installation:

Rome Reborn Opigno
Site Equivalent to "Class." A class contains one or more Courses.
Site Feature Equivalent to "Course." A Course contains Lessons
Assessment Equivalent to "Lesson." A Lesson is a basic unit of content, such as a quiz or slide show, in a Course.

For additional resources tailored to Rome Reborn® Community see the following: