Have You Ever Seen a Ghost?

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Have You Ever Seen a Ghost?
The Lemuria was supposed to protect the Roman household from ghosts but this suggests that Romans believed in ghosts. 

Different studies I've looked over the past year have found that anywhere from 33-60% of all Americans believe in ghosts either because they have seen one, know someone who has seen one, or they are merely open to the possibility that ghosts are possible. Paranormal televisions shows, books, and podcasts are very popular, too.

In light of the Lemuria, I want to know if you think you've seen a ghost or if you believe that ghosts are possible.

I'll start the discussion off with this shorten version of my own "ghost" story.

When I was a child either in kindergarden or first grade, there were strange things happening at my parents' house. I saw someone who was not normal looking one day, normal people's heads don't detach from bodies. But it never scared me, it just made me close the door and walk away. My mother claimed to have seen and heard several things. There can a day she pulled me down to my knees to pray with her to get rid of the thing in the house.

I recall seeing the strange person and I recall this prayer session. I even have a story I wrote about it in first grade that made my teachers a bit concerned. I recall the neighbors having a lot of problems in their after my mother had me pray with her. I know the neighbors had priests out to their house and the mother had to go to a mental hospital for a while. The next people who owned that house had their minister out to bless the house but then nothing else weird happened to them or us.

Did I see a ghost? I don't know but I haven't had a similar experience since I got older.

So have you seen a ghost? Do you believe it is possible? Would you perform the rituals of the Lemuria to protect yourself and your family?