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Links to Sites on Ancient Rome

  1. Web resources for the study of the archaeology and topography of the city of Rome and related topics

    1. Maps

      1. Digital Augustan Rome:

      2. Forma Urbis Severiana:

      3. Descriptio Romae. Catasto Urbano-Pio Gregoriano:

      4. Maps of Rome in the David Rumsey Collection:

      5. Mapping Rome Project:

    2. Artists’ views and reconstructions

      1. Online Fototeca of the Biblioteca Hertziana:

    3. Photographs


    4. Physical reconstruction models of ancient Rome

      1. Model of Paul Bigot and related digital models:

      2. Model of Italo Gismondi:

    5. Urban archaeology of Rome

      1. Archeo SITAR Project:

      2. Reports on recent excavations in Rome can be found by searching s.v. “Roma” here:

    6. Inscriptions from ancient Rome:

      1. A. Digital corpus of inscriptions from Rome:

      2. Resources for the study of Roman inscriptions:

    7. Roman coins:

  2. Resource pages for the study of ancient Rome and its civilization

    1. Roman archaeology:

    2. Roman archaeology blog:

    3. Roman civilization:  

    4. Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: Rome

  3. Classical studies: