Epicurus - Metrodorus

Name: Epicurus - Metrodorus
Material: Cast
Format: Double Herm
Museum: Courtesy Abguss-Sammlung Antiker Plastik
Museum of original: Capitoline Museums, Rome, inv. no. MC576. N.B. that on the original, beneath the head of Epicurus, is an inscription with his name. Unfortunately, this is not clear on the cast (whereas that of Metrodorus can be clearly read). The Epicurus inscription is important. The discovery of this inscribed double herm in 1742 beneath the new porch of S. Maria Maggiore in Rome allowed antiquarians for the first time to correctly identify the portrait of Epicurus. Until that date, the iconography of the portrait had been debated for over a century. For details, see B. Frischer, *The Sculpted Word* (Berkeley and Los Angeles 1982) 129-198 (for the discovery of the double herm, see, especially, p. 151).
Name of photographer/modeler: Davide Angheleddu
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